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Teddies For Babies

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Teddies For Babies

I have to confess, and I imagine that most of you are going through the same experience as me, that I
am discovering a brand new world with my baby. Before I knew something (not too little, not too much)
about kids since I was a sports instructor for many years, I had to deal with kids many times, but babies…
nothing at all.
When I saw other mothers with their babies I always made the same question to myself:

How can they know so much? When did they learn all those things about babies? Clothes? Food

Then I realized that in 1 day as a mother you learn more about babies than I could imagine in my life…
you live, you learn.
With this ignorance about babies, I faced my pregnancy and the presents that I started to received. For
example, the first time I got a book for babies I thought: What is the goal of this? You can read it in 10
seconds, and then… what? Well, the first time my husband and I read a book to our baby, she was a month and a half and it took us 20 minutes of reading; now is one of the things that we always take when we leave home.
Same with teddies, I found them cute but useless, until I discovered that it helped her to sleep, play, bite
and entertain. Summing up: a teddy bear is a VIP in our home.
For those reasons I want, not only to share with you in my store some baby books and teddies, but also
to strongly recommend them to your baby, if s/he doesn´t have any (something I doubt because it´s the
typical gift when you´re pregnant), give her/him one… you will see how great it will be.

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