Welcome to My Wooden Cabin!
Welcome to My Wooden Cabin!

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Welcome to My Wooden Cabin!

Since we received our baby a couple months ago and even before, when we were preparing her arrival, my husband and I (newbies as parents) were looking for all the things that we thought that we need for her.

Like this, we got the idea of creating this online shop as a place where you, a new mom, dad or a family that is growing, can find all the things that you need for the moment that arrive the most important person of your life, but also for you and for your home.

Since we are starting, we will appreciate your comments, recommendations and ideas about the things that you think you need and you would like to find, so feel free to reach out to us in our email info@mywoodencabin.com or signing up to receive our newsletter

~B.de A.~

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