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Four reasons to use Cloth Diapers

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Four reasons to use Cloth Diapers

When you have a baby, there are many questions that you do to yourself about things that weren´t important before:

Should I have a natural childbirth or a c-section? Epidural yes or no? if it´s natural should I do it at home?
Hospital? Water? How am I going to feed my baby? I want my baby to sleep in the bed with us, in a crib?
… and of course, what kind of diapers should we use?

We were thinking seriously about the cloth diapers, especially for 3 reasons:
1. Money
2. Time
3. Environment

As everybody knows, the money that you can spend on diapers is A LOT, money that with cloth diapers
you can save for other things, like the time lost in buying, putting on, taking them off....but for me, the
fundamental reason was the environment. We are very worried about the environment that we are
leaving to our children, and if we can help to make the situation a less worst, we are going to try. That´s
the reason why we decided to use cloth diapers.

Of course, sometimes we need to buy disposable diapers, and we do, but we try to keep using cloth
diapers, are much more ecological and we contribute to make the world a cleaner place. For that
reason, we decided to sell them in My Wooden Cabin.

By the way, Did I mention that the designs are super cool? Well… another reason to use cloth diapers!
And now we have 4!
What is your reason to use Cloth Diapers? Share it with us!

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